Tree Frogs Mating On Warm May Night 2019

Down below is some audio of tree frogs singing intensely at Yalobusha Farms in Decatur, Georgia on a warm May night in 2019.

The picture above is from the daytime a few days ago, and it shows the irises blooming at the far left and all the vegetation surging back.

The tadpole pond at is about 10 feet away from the back screen porch of my house, just down past a low retaining wall swallowed in plants.

The audio was recorded on my screen porch at night, and it is mostly the sounds of the male’s chirpy croaking, but there are a few female calls answering back. Those are the occasional yipping sounds that are higher in pitch and more urgent and shorter.

Mostly the audio is the sounds of males. As a reproductive strategy, it is better for males to assume most of the risk of getting located and eaten because they can service more than one female, possibly on the same night even as far as I know.

The tree frogs sing to each other to meet up while on the move as they try to outsmart the bullfrogs and all the other things that are hunting them.

The species is Cope’s Gray Treefrog. The name is a little misleading because they seem to come in a range of colors, and least that is what I saw in last year’s babies.

This has been the most intense night of singing this year, and multiple couples may have laid eggs. I will see in the morning. 5/3/2019.

I will also rotate the video once Youtube finishes updating their editor.