Tree Frog Tadpoles 2023

In 2023, I managed to keep the juvenile green frogs (L. clamitans) out of the breeding tanks, and so the tree frogs (H. chrysoscelis) were able to reproduce without interference.

There was an eight-week drought in April and May, and so I suspected the year might be a disaster for wildlife, but when the rains came in June, the tree frogs started spawning and spawned most nights into July.

By July, each breeding tank contained about 300 tadpoles, and there were eight breeding tanks.

I estimate 2400+ tiny baby tree frogs dispersed back into the neighborhood in August.

The males are smaller that the females. I’ve noticed that the male mounts the female before they enter the water. The following photo was taken of a couple on the door of my screen porch:


Patio Breeding Tanks

Here is a video of the patio breeding tanks in use in July 2023.

video: Tadpole Breeding Tanks 2023

Tadpoles Swimming

Here is a video of the tadpoles swimming.

video: Cope’s Gray Treefrog Tadpoles Swimming Yalobusha Farms 2023

A First Taste of Air

The tiny froglets start tasting the air and practice climbing at night before they even fully lose their tails.