Germination Room 1: Formerly Known as the Dining Room

Instead of buying plastic germination trays, I wanted to show my son how to reuse recycled materials like cardboard and the rolls from toilet paper in some totes on loan from the warehouse.

We folded newspaper cups and held them together with one metal staple. We didn’t use tape because we are trying to reduce the amount of plastic and micro plastics in the soil. Next year we will figure out how to make them without a staple.

We planted Cherokee Trail-of-Tears Beans and White Eagle Corn and Osage Brown Corn and Cherokee Popcorn and Oaxacan Green Corn and Tepary Beans and Nanking Brown Cotton. About six varieties of heirloom tomatoes were planted in the recycled cardboard seeding trays in the driveway, the cilantro and basil as well. The yellow squash was planted directly outside.